“A Divine Power” (A Poem)

“A Divine Power”  (A Poem) Carrie McClain When I was a teenager I had terrible periods. They were almost unbearable.I dreaded the arrival of blood each month. Once my brother saw me cry big tearsFrom all the pain and discomfort I was in and laughed at me. In my rage, I hit him. After he … Continue reading

“Regret” (A Poem)

A Poem by Carrie McClain   ‘Regret’ is just a word on a trendy T-shirt sold online that all the cool kids want and an emotion reeking from someone who used to mean so much more to you once upon a time ago.   Regret feels like you, your smaller hand squeezing his hand earnestly, … Continue reading

“Lips like Ruby: A Super Power”

I remember the boys used to tease me about my big lips growing up. My last year of high school I discovered red lipstick and my life was never the same. Those same boys were now silenced. They would stop and stare and stutter. I even gained a nickname in Spanish, “Los Labios” (The Lips). … Continue reading

“Your Smile Brings Me Joy” (Poem)

  “Your Smile Brings Me Joy” (Poem) By Carrie McClain Your smile brings me joy Joy, joy, joy Hot and pulsing like How I imagine the sun Felt when it entered Creation Your smile brings me joy Like I just noticed that I have an orbiting moon. And it’s constant, Comforting presence. Your smile brings … Continue reading

New Poem: “Like The Desert” (Lacking)

Like The Desert (Lacking) By Carrie McClain   There’s a patch of dry skin on my arm. It’s small, really. More or less the size of a dime. Not a nickel or a quarter. But a dime. The size of a dime. It’s an insignificant circle of skin that’s lacking of moisture. Dry. Lacking of … Continue reading